Talking Turkeys with The Wild Turkey Doc
Unless you’re brand new to turkey hunting or you make it a point to stay off the internet, you’ve likely heard of Dr. Mike Chamberlain, otherwise known as the Wild Turkey Doc (@wildturkeydoc). A professor and wildlife researcher for the...
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When to Call and When to Shut Up
Calling is so much a part of turkey hunting that the two terms are almost interchangeable. Without the ability to create natural-sounding vocalizations to lure in gobblers, turkey hunting would be nothing more than just a guessing game, hoping one...
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How Early Is Too Early To Locate Turkeys?
With the Spring turkey season just around the corner, it’s about that time to dust off the calls and hit the woods in search of love-struck birds. Those beautiful fog-covered mornings filled with hooting owls and shock-gobbling toms will be...
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