Bill Thompson

Growing up in rural North Dakota, Bill Thompson has been an outdoor enthusiast and avid hunter his entire life. His love for whitetails started like many of us, enjoying the pursuit... over time it's evolved into setting personal goals and striving to take mature animals with a bow in hand.

During his twenty two years of serving our country, Bill found himself dreaming of pursuing mature whitetails more than he was actually able to hunt them. This consumed his thought process and he mashed work and hunting to form the first thoughts of Spartan Forge.

The idea for Spartan Forge formed in 2010 while Bill was serving in Iraq. He realized that the prosecution/finding of terrorist targets and pursuit of trophy whitetails have many parallels.

meet the man behind it all_

What is Spartan Forge?

The targeting cycle used in Iraq was called “Find, Fix, Finish” or F3 for short, this cycle soon evolved into F3EAD or "Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate".

At Spartan Forge, our goal is to automate that intelligence collection process as much as possible.  We want to draw meaningful conclusions within the context of “Find, Fix, Finish” to help the hunter meet their deer harvest goals whatever they may be. Whether you are scouting, planning or executing the hunt, start a targeting cycle with Spartan Forge and engineer the pursuit.

We identify the target and then the target’s tendencies, patterns and environment to then exploit them. We then use this intelligence to make a prediction on where the target will be, when they will be there and for what reason.

Here we transform the intelligence gained within the “Find” phase into a plan that can leverage that supporting evidence for action against the target and identify the tendencies.

The conditions are favorable, the planning is adequate, and we will engage the target. Spartan Forge helps the hunter meet their deer harvest goals, whatever they may be.