Lee Ellis

Lee was born and raised in Atlanta GA and didn’t grow up in a hunting family. All the right ingredients to not be introduced to the outdoors. It wasn’t until he was 16 that he began to notice deer running around his route to and from school. After knocking on a few doors and landing a small acreage to bow hunt, it was off to the races. Lee quickly fell in love with bow hunting in the place people would least expect it, the city. Getting started, no one taught Lee the do’s and don’ts of bow hunting. Everything was learned from mistakes which made for some heartbreak experiences. After enough of those learning experiences, Lee finally hit a rhythm of how to successfully find and kill some of the massive bucks that call the suburbs home. The passion for finding that next giant whitetail in overlooked places is burning strong as he has began to travel to new states keeping the knocking on doors approach at the core of what he does.  Along with his partner Drew Carroll, the two created the hit YouTube show Seek One which depicts their hunts in these places. They have never spent a single dollar acquiring hunting permission. Hunting led him to his faith which stands as the most important thing to him, along with his family and friends.