Taylor has had a love for the outdoors from an early age. Growing up, he spent all his free time with his family and friends exploring the woods. Soon after his 10th birthday, his grandfather introduced him to archery, and a love for bowhunting was born. After years of random success in the whitetail woods, Taylor decided he was tired of leaving hunts up to chance, and he wanted to figure out how he could hunt more intelligently and efficiently. He has spent every free second ever since studying anything he could find related to what makes a deer move, and how they use terrain along with the wind and thermals as a defense mechanism. Taylor turned that knowledge and years of experience into a career, by starting his own whitetail consulting business and helping people harvest the biggest deer of their life. Taylor lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where he does his best to help control the booming whitetail herd with his bow on small suburban tracts of land. He can use the liberal hunting season to his advantage, and hunts on average 150 or more days a year.


Watch Taylor hunt the suburbs of DC and beyond on his YouTube channel called Hunt Urban.