The idea for Spartan Forge formed in 2010 while I was serving in Iraq. I realized that the prosecution/finding of terrorist targets and pursuit of trophy whitetails have many parallels. The targeting cycle used in Iraq was called “Find, Fix, Finish” or F3 for short, this cycle soon evolved into F3EAD or "Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate". After several combat deployments, it occurred to me -- This model applies to hunting a big ole buck or a wily doe, just as it did an enemy of the United States. When under pressure, they both want to avoid detection, but still work achieve their goals. You can exploit them when you understand their goals and can account for their strengths and subsequent weaknesses. Let’s break this model down further and the parallels will become obvious.

1. Find: Who and where is my target?  In the military, this phase is called “Intelligence Preparation of the Environment or Battlefield (IPE/IPB).” It is a necessary precursor to a kinetic operation or strike. A kinetic operation is an attack that is dynamic with many moving parts intended to eliminate an enemy or enemy capability. We identify the target and then the target’s tendencies, figure out how to exploit them, and use this intelligence to make a prediction on where the target will be, when it will be there and for what reason. 

2. Fix: How do I prosecute/effect my target?  Here we transform the intelligence gained within the “Find” phase into a plan that can leverage that supporting evidence for action against the target. What tendencies were identified? How can we exploit them to mold the battlefield? Can the strengths of our target can be minimized or actively used against itself?

3. Finish: Finally, the commander makes the call that the conditions are favorable, the planning is adequate, and we will engage the target.

At Spartan Forge, our goal is to automate that intelligence collection process as much as possible.  We want to draw meaningful conclusions within the context of “Find, Fix, Finish” to help the hunter meet their deer harvest goals whatever they may be. To that end, our first application self-titled “Spartan Forge” does lots of the heavy lifting surrounding IPB for the hunter.

Using machine learning on millions of deer-associated GPS data points and related weather information, we constructed a neural network that predicts when a deer will be most active during legal hunting hours. These data include peak harvest dates, social media analysis, and GPS data, to recreate a whitetail’s reasoning system that determines when it will move the most or not at all. Our analysis will not replace on the ground scouting. Rather it will make the scouting smarter and more focused.

Later in the fall of 2022 we will release new neural networks that will be doing some amazing things with weather and mapping. These networks will provide even more insight into where, when, and why deer will move in a particular area. Our mapping will also vastly improve as we release more high-definition maps with unbeatable resolution and historical mapping as well. The coverage on these maps will increase very regularly. Lastly our intelligence data and historical data is continuously updated so keep checking in and seeing what’s new. 

Spartan Forge knows your time is precious no matter what your hunting goals may be. We want to make your hunting experience as productive as possible, minimizing the amount of time needed planning and scouting while still being just as effective. We accomplish this without sacrificing your harvest goals. Whether you are scouting, planning or executing the hunt, start a targeting cycle with Spartan Forge and engineer the pursuit.

Article by Bill Thompson (Founder)